20 jan 2013
januar 20, 2013

Our Gloomy Sundays

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Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “Everyone who has ever built anywhere a ‘new heaven’ first found the power thereto in his own hell
At life’s crossroads we are often confronted to ask ourselves who we have become. We realize- often on these gloomy, lonely Sundays- that we don’t know the answer anymore… Rather, we feel at times an unbearable numbness deep into our core.
Can we be ‘saved’ from this feeling? Is there any hope for changing our present through giving up the hope that our past could have been any different? Maybe then, a good place to start could be to take back ownership for our past mistakes, failures and our private suffering. Although, we can’t change what has taken place in the past, we can take responsibility for what is here and now, even embracing our own darkness…
Si muore un po’ per poter vivere”, as an old Italian song says, we need to die a bit in order to live, we need to go through ‘hell’ in order to experience the ‘paradise’. Maybe we should at times allow ourselves to enter the pain. Maybe in this way, our pain could serve us- ultimately bringing us back to Life.