Therapy in English

Why psychologist-and why NOW?

Experienced psychologist in english language in Oslo providing psychotherapy

To work on ourselves might just be the most important single investment we can ever do- not only for ourselves but for our loved ones, the world and ultimately even… humanity. It  is never too late to begin to invest in ourselves, in fact,  it is the task we should never neglect. However, so many of us do exactly that. We loose track of who we truly are, we get lost in the past, go astray in the present without cultivating the vision for the future. The problem is that in order to know where we are going, we need to know where we are and where we have been…

There may be several reasons why someone wants to contact a psychologist. Seeing a psychologist is often associated with ‘being sick’ or ‘weak’.  In truth, we will never show greater courage than in those situations when we embrace our vulnerability. To take ownership over our own vulnerability is what defines the ‘humane’ side of us and makes relationships, interconnectedness and even a sense of belonging to others possible. Many of us seek therapy because we want to function at our best and be our most authentic self. Some wants to evolve and work towards greater personal growth, unleash untapped potentials and resilience. For some, the motivation to see a psychologist lies in a special worry,  a problem, an ongoing conflict, a difficult situation- while for others it could be a general feeling that life is not satisfying at all, a feeling not so uncommon is that ‘life was not supposed to be like it is’. At other times, people seek a psychologist because they yearn for something more, something different, something unknown. This cultivation of unfulfilled desires can be an intense and overwhelming experience, often associated by a feeling of fear, reluctance and resistance. In all these cases, seeing a psychologist can be an experience that compels our strengths and stimulates demands on us that we  can handle, endure, solve, and even…   learn to love.

Therapy seeks to create a safe but challenging environment where we are encouraged to let go of dysfunctional thoughts and outdated strategies. Sometimes certain patterns of thoughts and behaviour might have served a function in the past, but do not work so well anymore in the present. In order to change these patterns, we often need further insights and reconditioning ‘positive’ experiences. Partly this happens through a process where we can experience thoughts and feelings that we may have avoided or were unsure of. Therapy is not something that is done to us as ‘passive passengers’. On the contrary, it is a full engagement, a joint venture as much as a professional collaboration- a process not a quick-fix!

However, in therapy the client is never left alone. The therapist’s role is amongst others to stimulate, inspire, challenge and assist to sort out thoughts and experiences that can be difficult to sort out by the client himself. Common to all people is that thoughts and behavioral patterns may have made us blind to how we perceive, think about and construct our world- and also blind to how we socialize with others. Many couples  wish to learn how to communicate better and to get the spark back into their relationship again. Also, some things of intimate character are often not so easy to talk about and we need help from a third party. In many cases, a psychologist might be the right professional to assist people in dealing with these sensitive and confidential issues